Form For Building Your Page For A DeskTop or Laptop

Step 1: Save This Page

Saving this page is optional, but it will simplify previewing images, and, anytime you want to change your page, you won't have to come back here. A security benefit is that you won't have to be on the internet as you make your page (so, no worries about us or anyone else peeking over your shoulder).

There are various ways to do this.Try pushing 'alt' and 'f' at the same time, or 'ctrl' and 's' at the same time, or opening the 'file' tab on your menu bar and looking for a 'save page as...' option.

Save the page to a place that's easy to find, and put any images you want to use in the same folder.

Step 2: Fill Out This Form 😀

We recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer to fill out the form.

This info is used for a copyright notice:



City: State: Zip:

Background Color (Use the color picker to select a color, then copy the color name field, and paste it into this box (include the # character)):
If your browser's color picker doesn't show numberical values, try the color pickers at this site.

Fill this section if you want to have a background image

Name/location of your image file: either put the image in the same folder that this file is in and give its name (e.g., photo1.jpg) here, or supply the full path (file:///...) to your image file (find the path by opening the image in your web browser and copy what shows in the address bar)

Headline/Link Color (Use the color picker to select a color that calls attention to itself, insert the color name in this box (include the # character)):

Font Color (Find a color that stands out against your background, insert the color name in this box (include the # character)):

Text Shadow Text shadows are helpful when using an image as a background; they help the text stand out from the changing colors of the image behind them. (Use the color picker to select a color, insert the color name in this box (include the # character)):

Opacity of Text Shadow (enter a numbr between 0 and 100, for the percentage of opacity. For no shadow enter 0, for no transparency enter 100):

Quick Links For You:

Insert the URLs (you know, web addresses, https://...) for sites you visit often here. They will be displayed like a bookmarks toolbar across the top of your cover page, so you can access them quickly. To get the URL, go to the site you're interested in and click inside the address bar. Next, select the entire address — make sure you get the whole thing, from 'https' all the way to the last character. Copy this, and paste into one of the URL fields below. Next to this, put a short name for the site. Repeat for up to 11 sites. So, for example:

URL0: Site Name: Facebook

URL 1: Site Name:

URL 2: Site Name:

URL 3: Site Name:

URL 4: Site Name:

URL 5: Site Name:

URL 6: Site Name:

URL 7: Site Name:

URL 8: Site Name:

URL 9: Site Name:

URL 10: Site Name:

URL 11: Site Name:

Page Content:

This section is for the main body of your cover page. There are 9 sections (3 rows, each with a field for left, center, and right). Each field has room for a headline with a link, and a bit of introductory text (just put enough to get people interested in following the link). The fields below indicate where they will show up on the page (though the links will be applied to the headlines—they won't be displayed on the screen). If you skip a section, that portion will be blank.

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