Animated Graphics for Physics Papers
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These animations are for Models for Violations of Bell's Inequality

1. Directional Similarity This shows the decrease in degrees of similarity as two vectors go from completely overlapping to a 90 degree difference in orientation.
2. Spin Determines Output Channel This shows several examples of how the spin of an incoming photon causes the photon to roll to a pre-determinable polarization channel (i.e., if the direction of the spin axis is known, the polarization outcome can be accurately predicted except in the rare cases when the spin axis is perpendicular to the pyramidal edges of the crystals which compose the polarizer)
3. Induced Spin This shows an oversized, plasic, non-elastic photon being reshaped as it enters a polarization channel, and then it shows the photon pushiing aside a weakly bonded component of the polarizer. This weakly bonded component springs back into place as the photon passes, causing it to swipe the back end of the photo. This parting swipe induces a rotation in the photon as it advances.